Dark Act heads to US House.

The House Agriculture Committee took less than 20 minutes to pass the DARK Act on a voice vote, this week. The Commmittee was unwilling to go on the record with their individual votes, thereby denying Americans the opportunity to hold them accountable for their actions. The rush to do business reflects the desire of the Committee to push this bill through with as little debate as possible.

If that wasn’t bad enough, this version of the DARK Act is even more nefarious than the last. Provisions include the following:

• Preempt states from requiring labeling of GMO food and prohibiting bogus “natural” claims.
• Preempt states from regulating GMO crops to protect public health and the environment.
• Virtually eliminate FDA’s ability to craft a national GMO labeling system.
• Codify the current, broken voluntary labeling system.
• Create a GMO “safety” review system based on industry science.
• Allow “natural” foods to contain GMO ingredients and preempt state efforts to end misleading “natural”

We are expecting a vote by July 23rd in the full house, so please call members of the US Congress immediately. There is no time for an email. Please dial 202-224-3121 today.

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DARK Act Fact Sheet 7-13.