CampbellsbothlogosCorporations have spent $143 million dollars since 2013 to keep us in the dark about what we are eating. So when one of the country’s largest food companies courageously makes the decision to lead the way to a transparent food system, our movement should celebrate. We are grateful to Campbell’s, who announced on Thursday evening, that they will begin labeling all GMOs in their products, and that they will no longer stand with any coalition fighting against GMO labeling and our right to know. Campbell’s also wanted to let consumers know that they support a federal, on pack, mandatory GMO labeling law. We are winning! The visionary CEO of Campbell’s, Denise Morrison, stated “We’ve always believed consumers have a right to know what’s in their food. We know that 92 percent of Americans support G.M.O. labeling, and transparency is a critical part of our purpose.” Thank you Ms. Morrison.

When companies do the right thing, we must support them. We should forgive past mistakes and applaud their growth. At this time of year there are many individuals and families who need our help. After the holiday season, our local food banks are depleted. Campbell’s is based in New Jersey where GMO FREE NJ came up with a brilliant idea. We are asking that as a mass demonstration of support everyone purchase cans of Campbell’s soup to donate to their local food bank or shelter. Let’s stock it with Campbell’s! Campbell’s even has an organic line! Pay it forward. Find a food pantry near you. Campbell’s did the right thing, now let’s show our appreciation by supporting those who are less fortunate than we are. Please share and spread the word far and wide. Let’s not only show Campbell’s our gratitude, but let’s demonstrate to other companies that there is a lot of power in doing the right thing.

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Tara Cook-Littman