Lauryn Rego is a rising voice in the political landscape of Hawai’i, which is often referred to as GMO ground zero. Expressing her dedication to the cause of exposing the agricultural practices of Monsanto in the Hawaiian islands, she donned a gas mask for 5 hours in the tropical sun, and never looked back.  In 2013 Lauryn joined Babes Against Biotech and was appointed as BAB’s Creative Director shortly afterward.


As a gallery director and curator, Lauryn’s artistic eye has contributed to her knack for curating visual images that are Image-1-1picked up by the media to propel her messaging forward. Her compelling images have been shared all over the world and today her work has been featured not only by Hawai’i’s print and news media, but also in pieces by Al Jazeera and Democracy Now.  We witnessed Lauryn’s artistic gifts first hand at the First Annual Citizens for GMO Labeling Activist Training, where she skillfully sketched out each and every session with images and quotes capturing these sacred moments in a creative and meaningful way.  Her drawings graced the training room and by the end of the training hung on every wall for all to admire.

With Hawai’i being at the center of many court battles, Lauryn is using her compelling and light hearted style of crude cartooning to help people feel educated and connected to the court proceedings.  She contributed over 100 drawings, live on the scene at the 5 week long trial of the Waimea, Kauai class action lawsuit against Dupont Pioneer, and has covered the Maui Moratorium hearings.  Lauryn feels her “work is all about shedding light into traditionally DARK areas.”  We could not agree more!

Image-1-2Lauryn’s next project is an exciting plan to shoot the annual BAB fundraiser, the 2016 calendar, on the mainland in order to connect the movement in Hawai’i to the efforts happening all over the United States.  If you would like to support Lauryn’s work you can contact her at

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