It is unfortunate that the President has sided with the well heeled lobbyists representing Monsanto and the rest of Big Food and against consumers and families. The Roberts-Stabenow “DARK Act” is a step backward. The Roberts-Stabenow “DARK Act” tramples on states rights. The Roberts-Stabenow “DARK Act” makes it more difficult for mothers and fathers to know what’s in the food they’re purchasing for their children.
We believe the free market will reject efforts by those in Congress, and the President, to make it more difficult for families to understand what is in the food being sold in America’s grocery stores. Citizens for GMO Labeling will continue to work to educate policy makers at all levels of government about these issues and, while we are disappointed that huge campaign contributions from Big AG and the food industry were sufficient to undermine what 89% of Americans clearly desire in the way of clearly understandable, on package labeling of GMOs, we know the truth will eventually win this debate.
We want to again thank all of those Members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives who were brave enough to vote against the Monsanto lobbyists, and express our disappointment that the President decided to side with lobbyists instead of the people.
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Tara Cook-Littman