newyear_samerequest2At the end of 2015, because of your heroic efforts, we successfully squashed efforts by the opposition to pre-empt state GMO labeling laws already passed in CT, ME and VT. Our collective voice was heard above the opposition’s lobbying despite the millions of dollars being spent to keep us in the DARK about what we are eating. It may be a new year, but our request remains the same: We want mandatory, on package GMO labels. With Vermont set to implement in July, our opposition is working overtime to stop Vermont’s law from implementing. We must ensure that Congress is hearing from us NOW so that all our hard work in 2015 will not be for nothing.

Please call your Representative and Senators TODAY and ask them to support a mandatory, on package GMO labeling law and let them know QR codes are totally unacceptable. We can not allow our opposition to hide GMOs behind a digital curtain. If Congress can’t pass a GMO labeling law that is as strong as what is being passed at the state level, then they should not do anything at all. Dial 202-224-3121 and ask for your Congressman and Senators. Not sure who they are CLICK HERE.

Thank you for taking action TODAY!

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Tara Cook-Littman