Capitol Building Clouds (202) 417 3113
The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is trying to buy our elected officials and keep us in the DARK about what we are eating. On Wednesday, October 7th, the GMA will be on Capitol Hill lobbying our senators trying to convince them to support the DARK Act, HR 1599, a law that would destroy our ability to ever know what we are eating. We can not allow these corporate interests to trump our personal right to make our own choices about what we feed our families. While industry lobbyists are invading the halls of the senate, we will join together to let our collective voices be heard loud and clear. We will DROWN THEM OUT.

Please call your senators on Wednesday, October 7th and remind them who they work for, the people of this country. Please dial 202-417-3113 and you will be directed to your senators. On October 21st the Senate Agriculture Committee will hold a hearing on the DARK Act and our voices will not be heard, so be sure they hear you NOW.

We deserve and need to know if GMOs are in the food we are feeding ourselves and our families. The GMA is fighting harder than ever because they know the truth will not remain hidden, we are winning. Our opponents are afraid to label GMOs; they are afraid of US, because we have truth and transparency on our side. Call your Senator TODAY and ask them to stand with the people of this country in strong opposition to the DARK Act, HR 1599.

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Tara Cook-Littman