As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we want to express our gratitude to all of you for your tireless work to secure a transparent food system in the United States, this work is not without personal sacrifice. We need to know what we are feeding our families, which is made more prominent for us this time of year because of the sacred act of preparing holiday meals. Even though some days it may not feel like it, we are winning. That is why our opposition will try anything to stop GMO labeling laws from moving forward. When one of their strategies fails, they try another and we need to continue blocking their efforts. Now, in a last desperate attempt to keep Americans in the DARK about what we are eating, the biotech industry and the Grocery Manufacturers Association have convinced some of our elected officials to sneak a rider into a must pass omnibus government spending bill before the New Year that would pre-empt state efforts to label GMOs and also block mandatory labeling at the federal level. We cannot allow that to happen!

Beginning on Monday, we are kicking off a GMO labeling week of action.  TAKE ACTION TODAY and give our elected officials a preview of what is to come next week. We must let our voices be heard before it is too late. Our opposition is pulling out all the stops because they know if they fail this time, manufacturers will need to begin labeling GMOs for Vermont as their bill implements in July 2016. Washington lobbyists are working overtime, and even though they have more money, they are no match for the power we have as the citizens of this country.

Please take action today by CLICKING HERE.  We need to send a strong message to Congress that we are watching them. We need to urge all our elected officials to oppose any efforts to include a policy rider in the omnibus appropriations bill that would keep Americans in the DARK about the food we are eating. We want a strong, mandatory, clear and conspicuous GMO label on the package of all genetically engineered foods. Technology is not an acceptable replacement for a transparent label on our food. We need and deserve to know what we are eating. Don’t let the industry interests trump our personal rights. Please take action today and ask all your friends and contacts to do the same.  Next year we hope we can all be grateful for GMO labeling!

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Tara Cook-Littman