We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. And more recently, Giving Tuesday was created so that people had a day to give back to the world.

Please consider choosing Citizens For GMO Labeling. It was founded by a group of passionate advocates who strongly believe that every person deserves to know about GMOs and make informed choices so they can decide what they put into their bodies and those of their loved ones. We fight the Big Food and Chemical Companies because they relentlessly try to block our efforts to return food sovereignty to the people of this country.

We are at a pivotal turning point in our movement. GMO labeling, and our freedom to make informed choices, is about to be eradicated by a policy rider in a must pass government spending bill before the year is out. It’s time for us to rally all our troops and have every single person who cares about OUR RIGHT TO KNOW to act on behalf of those who are not aware about GMOs yet. With the recent FDA approval of GMO salmon - the first genetically engineered animal, how will we know if the salmon on our plates isn’t GMO unless it’s labeled? This issue doesn’t just belong exclusively to us, it belongs to everyone who eats! Our goal is to educate as many people as possible about the importance of GMO labeling and for that we need your support to continue extending our reach.

Please consider giving the Gift of the freedom to choose (or “our right to know”) on Giving Tuesday. We can promise you that every penny will be put towards our efforts on the ground.

About the Author
Tara Cook-Littman