The FDA just approved the first ever genetically engineered (GMO) animal for human consumption: a salmon engineered to grow bigger and faster. Because of the lack of labeling, this genetically engineered salmon will be on your plates without you ever knowing. To make matters worse, the FDA approval process relies on safety and environmental assessments provided by the manufacturer benefiting from the sale of these genetically engineered salmon, Massachusetts-based AquaBounty Technologies.

Thanks to all of you, grassroots support for transparency in our food system is at an all time high.  GMO labeling laws have passed in Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and soon in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Unfortunately, our work is far from over. Chemical and biotech agriculture companies along with the Grocery Manufacturers Association are trying to outlaw mandatory GMO labeling at the state and federal level.

With the approval of GMO salmon, we need labeling now more than ever. This is a critical time for our movement.  Together we are unstoppable.  Our collective voice will make a difference if we each take the time to let our voices be heard!  Please send a message to your state and federal legislators.

Please take action today by CLICKING HERE.  Please be sure to share with all your friends and contacts in order to amplify our voices.  Thank you for taking action!

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Tara Cook-Littman