On Tuesday our movement delivered a letter to the United States Senate reaffirming our request for mandatory, on pack, clear disclosure of GMOs.  More than 600 companies, local and national organizations, farmers and healthcare institutions stood together to represent the 9 out of 10 Americans who want GMOs labeled.  We, the citizens and consumers of the United States, deserve to know what is in our food.  We can not allow industry interests to trump our personal rights any longer.  We are asking you to join us!  Click HERE to sign on! 

The opposition criticized our coalition’s sign on letter by claiming it was signed by “a bewildering assortment of groups.”  They are correct, GMO labeling is supported by a large assortment of groups, that’s what happens when 90% of Americans agree on something. We are a broad and inclusive coalition and that is why we are beating back the most powerful industries on the planet.   They are not used to losing.  Our extensive and diverse coalition is in stark contrast to the opposition which reads like a list of  top political campaign contributors including the Soybean Growers Association, the Farm Bureau, The Grocery Manufacturers Association, The Corn Growers Association and The Food Marketing Institute.  The Senate can not and will not trust industry stakeholders worried about their bottom line over everyday fork holders who make up the 90% of  Americans who want the right to choose what to feed themselves and their families.

Please send a strong message to our Senators and sign the letter on behalf of your organization, farm or business and ask all your contacts to do the same.  In four months the citizens of VT will enjoy the right to know what is in their food.  We must protect the VT GMO labeling law and the rights of all states to pass GMO labeling laws.

See below for the sign on letter and the list of all who have signed on to date.

Dear Senator,

The undersigned 607 groups are writing on behalf of millions of American consumers and citizens. Collectively, our organizations, which have worked on the issue of GMO labeling for many years, represent the 9 out of 10 Americans who want to know if the food they purchase has been produced with genetic engineering.

We support the ability, indeed the right, of states to pass laws requiring labels on genetically engineered food. In July, the State of Vermont is set to implement a GMO labeling law that was thoroughly vetted and passed in 2014. Further, states like Massachusetts and Rhode Island are expected to enact labeling this spring and Connecticut is likely to remove the “trigger” that has prevented implementation up to this point. New York, Minnesota and other states are expected to follow shortly. Our movement has been careful to harmonize labeling requirements with our state legislative allies and there is no difficult patchwork to navigate. The federal government should take the time it needs to enact proper national labeling, and not take any action that would preempt or delay Vermont’s democratically enacted law.

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis believed states are “laboratories of democracy.” We should allow Vermont to lead the way by carrying out the will of the people. It is clear that companies are already preparing to comply with Vermont’s law at no additional cost to consumers. Five of the country’s largest food companies (Campbell’s, General Mills, Mars, Kellogg’s, and ConAgra) have already notified consumers that they have chosen to label GMOs nationwide in addition to Vermont. Yet many of the same companies are pressuring the Senate into enacting a weak national program that would fall well short of requiring such labeling before the Vermont law takes affect. The marketplace reality after Vermont’s implementation will clarify what a national standard should look like.

Once the Vermont law is implemented, we encourage the federal government to pass a mandatory, on-package, nationwide standard that would label all foods produced with the use of genetic engineering so that all Americans will have the ability to make their own decisions about what to feed themselves and their families.

A federal law would have our full support if it includes the following:

  • Requires mandatory labeling;
  • Food products must be labeled as genetically engineered when .9% or more of the product’s total weight are produced from genetic engineering.
  • Requires labels to identify, via words visible on the package, the food or ingredients in the food as “genetically engineered”, “produced with genetic engineering” or “partially produced with genetic engineering”.
  • Requires labels to be on all foods that are genetically engineered and the definition of “genetic engineering” should be identical to the definition of “modern biotechnology” as recognized by Codex Alimentarius:“ “Modern Biotechnology” means the application of:

i) In vitro nucleic acid techniques, including recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and direct injection of nucleic acid into cells or organelles, or
ii) Fusion of cells beyond the taxonomic family, that overcome natural physiological reproductive or recombinant barriers and that are not techniques used in traditional breeding and selection.”

We oppose labeling proposals for genetically engineered foods that allow foods to be identified with QR codes or barcodes, phone numbers, websites or in-store information that isn’t directly on the food label or other signage directly at the point of selection. Consumers should not have to play hide and seek while on phone lines and websites for each product they buy at point of sale, to determine whether or not a product contains GMOs. Nor should this information be hidden behind a digital curtain that is not easily accessed or accessible to everyone. QR codes require the use of a smartphone, and surveys show that not everyone has these devices: roughly half of people in rural areas and three-quarters of people over 65 do not have a smartphone.1 Another study found that only 21% of American smartphone owners have ever scanned a QR code.2 We would accept the use of bin or shelf labels for produce and other commodities that do not bear individual labels but, if the genetically engineered food has a label or package, it should say, “genetically engineered.”

Consumers have a myriad of reasons for wanting to know if GMOs are in the food they are eating including potential health concerns, environmental impacts, religious practices and ethical
concerns. There is new urgency for labeling of genetically engineered food. A large majority of GMO food crops have been engineered to withstand the weed killer glyphosate. Between 1996, when GMO food crops were first approved for use in U.S. agriculture, and 2012, glyphosate use in agriculture increased from roughly 20 million pounds to 280 million pounds.3 Today, glyphosate is by far the most widely used pesticide in U.S. agriculture. Last year, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer unanimously concluded that glyphosate, an herbicide previously thought to be relatively benign by pesticide regulators, is “probably carcinogenic to humans.”4 Labeling of GMO foods would allow consumers concerned about potential residues to minimize their glyphosate exposure. Widespread herbicide use on GMO crops throughout the Corn Belt also appears primarily responsible for a large decline in monarch butterfly populations, due to wiping out most of the milkweed on which the Monarch butterfly depends for food.5

We are asking for the right to know what is in our food so that Americans can choose what to feed themselves and their families. This is a right the citizens of 64 other countries already enjoy. Americans should not have to jump through hoops to know what is in their food. Please allow Vermont’s GMO labeling law to take effect in July and then stand with your constituents and support a federal on package, clear, mandatory GMO labeling law.

1 Smith, A. 2015. U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015. At: http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/04/01/chapter-one-a-portrait-of- smartphone-ownership/
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At: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1365-2656.12253/abstract”



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