Despite continued polling that shows over 90% of Americans support mandatory GMO Labeling, some forces want to keep you in the dark about what you are feeding your family.

The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 is anything but. Proposed by Representative Pompeo, the DARK Act, as we refer to it, would not only preempt state GMO labeling laws in development or already enacted, such as in Vermont, but would also bar states and local communities from regulating genetically modified crops in other ways. Several counties in California and Oregon, as well as the states of Washington and Hawaii, currently have measures in place that restrict where GMO crops can be grown.

The new proposal would also prevent businesses from creating voluntary labels for non-engineered products that are more stringent than a U.S. Department of Agriculture standard, which has yet to be developed.

Your support is critical. The only way to fight special interests is by making sure your voice is heard. Click here to let your US Representative and Senators know that you oppose the DARK Act.