On July 29th, 2016, President Obama signed into law the Roberts-Stabenow “GMO labeling” law. We put that phrase in quotes because even though the bill was presented to Congress as a so-called compromise, it was written by transparency opponents intending to keep us in the DARK about what we’re eating. As pointed out by our friends at the Center for Food Safety, even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has pointed out (in a technical guidance document) that the law will likely exclude most GMO ingredients currently on the market.

Most notably the agency red flags the bill’s narrow and ambiguous definition of “bioengineering,” which “will likely mean that many foods from GE sources will not be subject to this bill. For instance, oil made from GE soy would not have any genetic material in it. Likewise, starches and purified proteins would not be covered.”

The FDA further comments that it “may be difficult” for ANY GMO food to qualify for labeling under the bill in that it would have to be proven that a GMO product’s modification could not be achieved through conventional breeding or be found in nature – something near impossible to determine. This means most GMO foods would not be subject to mandatory labeling under this bill.

Even if the definitions can be developed to include the ingredients we would expect to see labeled, this non-labeling law is inherently discriminatory. It anticipates that GMO labeling will be done primarily through digital “QR codes.” Because of their lack of access to smart phones, more than 50% of rural and low income populations, and more than 65% of the elderly, will not have access to these labels. Everyday moms don’t have the time to use a QR code reader and consumers shouldn’t have to dig for this information.

Our call to action remains consistent and simple. We are asking for four simple words clearly written on the package, “Produced with genetic engineering.” Our work continues…


Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to comment below with your question. You can also email info@marighttoknow.org


What does the Roberts bill (AKA the DARK Act) actually say?

Read the full text of the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law, here (PDF via senate.gov)

Here are a couple resources and articles which we recommend, which summarize the bill. Please keep in mind that corporate media outlets are attempting to frame this bill as a “mandatory GMO labeling bill.” We feel that for several critical reasons (examined below), that this bill is a sham.

President Signs Law That Overturns Vermont GMO Labeling Rules, Replaces Them With Barcodes (Consumerist.org, 7/29/16)

President Obama Signs GMO ‘Non-labeling’ Bill, Leaves Millions of Americans in the Dark, (Center for Food Safety, July 29th, 2016)

Congress Passed a New GMO Labeling Bill. How Will it Work? (CivilEats.org, July 21, 2016)

What happened to the petition asking President Obama to veto it?

You can read the response posted by the “We the People team” at WhiteHouse.gov, in response to the petition to veto, which garnered nearly 110 thousand signatures.



What happens now?/What can we do about this?

As explained in the WhiteHouse.gov statement linked above:

Your voice and input will be important throughout the implementation process of this legislation and in helping design the best disclosure program possible.

USDA has established a working group to develop a timeline for rulemaking and to ensure an open and transparent process for effectively establishing this new program. We are committed to providing multiple opportunities for engagement, such as listening sessions and the opportunity for the public to provide written comments. This process will ensure you have the opportunity to provide the Executive Branch with input on the attributes of the bioengineered food disclosure program as it is developed.

The USDA had a website ready to roll and will apparently be making updates available there: https://www.ams.usda.gov/rules-regulations/gmo


For us, what’s next is bigger than a USDA strategy. We are also committed to a market strategy.  Law or not, companies that don’t disclose which products contain GE ingredients are going to pay a price for  that with consumers. - Jim Leahy, Citizens for GMO Labeling

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is calling on US consumers to join the nearly 500,000 people who have already signed up to boycott brands that refuse to label products that contain genetically engineered ingredients. More info, here.

Please stay tuned to CitizensForGMOlabeling.org for updates on how we will be working with our national partners and how you can help. Please also follow us on Facebook.

How did my members of Congress vote?

On July 7, 2016, the U.S. Senate passed S.764, which contained the Roberts-Stabenow “compromise” GMO labeling bill. S.764 had previously been a bill about Planned Parenthood, but they gutted the bill and replaced it with the Roberts GMO language (this is a way to get a bill passed as quickly as possible).

You can see the full details, here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/114-2016/s123

Here are the Senate votes, grouped by home state:

Vote Party Representative State
Nay   R   Sessions, Jeff AL
Yea   R   Shelby, Richard AL
Nay   R   Murkowski, Lisa AK
Nay   R   Sullivan, Dan AK
Nay   R   Flake, Jeff AZ
Yea   R   McCain, John AZ
Yea   R   Boozman, John AR
Yea   R   Cotton, Tom AR
No Vote   D   Boxer, Barbara CA
Yea   D   Feinstein, Dianne CA
Yea   D   Bennet, Michael CO
Yea   R   Gardner, Cory CO
Nay   D   Blumenthal, Richard CT
Nay   D   Murphy, Christopher CT
Yea   D   Carper, Thomas DE
No Vote   D   Coons, Chris DE
Yea   D   Nelson, Bill FL
Yea   R   Rubio, Marco FL
Yea   R   Isakson, John GA
Yea   R   Perdue, David GA
Yea   D   Hirono, Mazie HI
Nay   D   Schatz, Brian HI
Yea   R   Crapo, Michael ID
Yea   R   Risch, James ID
Nay   D   Durbin, Richard * IL
Yea   R   Kirk, Mark IL
No Vote   R   Coats, Daniel IN
Yea   D   Donnelly, Joe IN
Yea   R   Ernst, Joni IA
Yea   R   Grassley, Chuck IA
Yea   R   Moran, Jerry KS
Yea   R   Roberts, Pat KS
Yea   R   McConnell, Mitch KY
Vote Party Representative State
Nay   R   Paul, Rand KY
Yea   R   Cassidy, Bill LA
No Vote   R   Vitter, David LA
Nay   R   Collins, Susan ME
Nay   I   King, Angus ME
Nay   D   Cardin, Benjamin MD
Yea   D   Mikulski, Barbara MD
Nay   D   Markey, Ed MA
Nay   D   Warren, Elizabeth MA
Yea   D   Peters, Gary MI
Yea   D   Stabenow, Debbie MI
Yea   D   Franken, Al MN
Yea   D   Klobuchar, Amy MN
Yea   R   Cochran, Thad MS
Yea   R   Wicker, Roger MS
Yea   R   Blunt, Roy MO
Yea   D   McCaskill, Claire MO
Yea   R   Daines, Steve MT
Nay   D   Tester, Jon MT
Yea   R   Fischer, Deb NE
Nay   R   Sasse, Benjamin NE
No Vote   R   Heller, Dean NV
Nay   D   Reid, Harry * NV
New Hampshire
Yea   R   Ayotte, Kelly NH
Yea   D   Shaheen, Jeanne NH
New Jersey
Nay   D   Booker, Cory NJ
Yea   D   Menéndez, Bob NJ
New Mexico
Nay   D   Heinrich, Martin NM
Nay   D   Udall, Tom NM
New York
Nay   D   Gillibrand, Kirsten NY
Nay   D   Schumer, Chuck NY
North Carolina
Yea   R   Burr, Richard NC
Yea   R   Tillis, Thom NC
North Dakota
Vote Party Representative State
Yea   D   Heitkamp, Heidi ND
Yea   R   Hoeven, John ND
Yea   D   Brown, Sherrod OH
Yea   R   Portman, Rob OH
Yea   R   Inhofe, Jim OK
Yea   R   Lankford, James OK
Nay   D   Merkley, Jeff OR
Nay   D   Wyden, Ron OR
Yea   D   Casey, Bob PA
Yea   R   Toomey, Pat PA
Rhode Island
Nay   D   Reed, John RI
Nay   D   Whitehouse, Sheldon RI
South Carolina
No Vote   R   Graham, Lindsey SC
Yea   R   Scott, Tim SC
South Dakota
Yea   R   Rounds, Mike SD
Yea   R   Thune, John SD
Yea   R   Alexander, Lamar TN
Yea   R   Corker, Bob TN
Yea   R   Cornyn, John TX
Yea   R   Cruz, Ted TX
Yea   R   Hatch, Orrin UT
No Vote   R   Lee, Mike UT
Nay   D   Leahy, Patrick VT
Nay   I   Sanders, Bernie VT
Yea   D   Kaine, Timothy VA
Yea   D   Warner, Mark VA
Nay   D   Cantwell, Maria WA
Nay   D   Murray, Patty WA
West Virginia
Yea   R   Capito, Shelley WV
Yea   D   Manchin, Joe WV
Yea   D   Baldwin, Tammy WI
Yea   R   Johnson, Ron WI
Yea   R   Barrasso, John WY
Yea   R   Enzi, Michael WY
On July 14, 2016, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Senate version of S.764 (note: this is a totally different bill than the previous DARK Act, H.1599, which was similarly passed by the House in July 2015).

You can see the official roll call, here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/114-2016/h466 (Note: the original bill replaced by the GMO bill in the House vote procedure was about the “National Sea Grant College Program Act,” and that name remains on the bill as listed in the roll call. You can see the actual text of the bill in the above website.)

Here are the House votes, grouped by State

Vote Party Representative District
Yea   R   Byrne, Bradley AL 1st
Yea   R   Roby, Martha AL 2nd
Yea   R   Rogers, Mike AL 3rd
Yea   R   Aderholt, Robert AL 4th
Nay   R   Brooks, Mo AL 5th
Nay   R   Palmer, Gary AL 6th
Yea   D   Sewell, Terri AL 7th
Yea   R   Young, Don AK
Yea   D   Kirkpatrick, Ann AZ 1st
Yea   R   McSally, Martha AZ 2nd
Nay   D   Grijalva, Raúl AZ 3rd
Yea   R   Gosar, Paul AZ 4th
Yea   R   Salmon, Matt AZ 5th
Yea   R   Schweikert, David AZ 6th
Yea   D   Gallego, Ruben AZ 7th
Nay   R   Franks, Trent AZ 8th
Yea   D   Sinema, Kyrsten AZ 9th
Yea   R   Crawford, Eric AR 1st
Yea   R   Hill, French AR 2nd
Yea   R   Womack, Steve AR 3rd
Yea   R   Westerman, Bruce AR 4th
Yea   R   LaMalfa, Doug CA 1st
Nay   D   Huffman, Jared CA 2nd
Yea   D   Garamendi, John CA 3rd
Yea   R   McClintock, Tom CA 4th
Yea   D   Thompson, Mike CA 5th
Yea   D   Matsui, Doris CA 6th
Yea   D   Bera, Ami CA 7th
Yea   R   Cook, Paul CA 8th
Nay   D   McNerney, Jerry CA 9th
Yea   R   Denham, Jeff CA 10th
Nay   D   DeSaulnier, Mark CA 11th
Nay   D   Pelosi, Nancy CA 12th
Nay   D   Lee, Barbara CA 13th
Yea   D   Speier, Jackie CA 14th
Yea   D   Swalwell, Eric CA 15th
Yea   D   Costa, Jim CA 16th
Nay   D   Honda, Mike CA 17th
Nay   D   Eshoo, Anna CA 18th
Nay   D   Lofgren, Zoe CA 19th
Nay   D   Farr, Sam CA 20th
Yea   R   Valadao, David CA 21st
Yea   R   Nunes, Devin CA 22nd
Yea   R   McCarthy, Kevin CA 23rd
Nay   D   Capps, Lois CA 24th
Yea   R   Knight, Steve CA 25th
Yea   D   Brownley, Julia CA 26th
Nay   D   Chu, Judy CA 27th
Nay   D   Schiff, Adam CA 28th
Yea   D   Cárdenas, Tony CA 29th
Nay   D   Sherman, Brad CA 30th
Yea   D   Aguilar, Pete CA 31st
Yea   D   Napolitano, Grace CA 32nd
Nay   D   Lieu, Ted CA 33rd
Nay   D   Becerra, Xavier CA 34th
Yea   D   Torres, Norma CA 35th
Yea   D   Ruiz, Raul CA 36th
Nay   D   Bass, Karen CA 37th
No Vote   D   Sánchez, Linda CA 38th
Yea   R   Royce, Ed CA 39th
Nay   D   Roybal-Allard, Lucille CA 40th
Yea   D   Takano, Mark CA 41st
Yea   R   Calvert, Ken CA 42nd
Nay   D   Waters, Maxine CA 43rd
Nay   D   Hahn, Janice CA 44th
Yea   R   Walters, Mimi CA 45th
Yea   D   Sanchez, Loretta CA 46th
Nay   D   Lowenthal, Alan CA 47th
Nay   R   Rohrabacher, Dana CA 48th
Yea   R   Issa, Darrell CA 49th
Yea   R   Hunter, Duncan CA 50th
Yea   D   Vargas, Juan CA 51st
Yea   D   Peters, Scott CA 52nd
Yea   D   Davis, Susan CA 53rd
Nay   D   DeGette, Diana CO 1st
Nay   D   Polis, Jared CO 2nd
Nay   R   Tipton, Scott CO 3rd
Nay   R   Buck, Ken CO 4th
Yea   R   Lamborn, Doug CO 5th
Nay   R   Coffman, Mike CO 6th
Nay   D   Perlmutter, Ed CO 7th
Nay   D   Larson, John CT 1st
Nay   D   Courtney, Joe CT 2nd
Nay   D   DeLauro, Rosa CT 3rd
Nay   D   Himes, James CT 4th
Nay   D   Esty, Elizabeth CT 5th
Yea   D   Carney, John DE
Yea   R   Miller, Jeff FL 1st
Yea   D   Graham, Gwen FL 2nd
Yea   R   Yoho, Ted FL 3rd
Yea   R   Crenshaw, Ander FL 4th
Yea   D   Brown, Corrine FL 5th
Nay   R   DeSantis, Ron FL 6th
Yea   R   Mica, John FL 7th
Nay   R   Posey, Bill FL 8th
Nay   D   Grayson, Alan FL 9th
Yea   R   Webster, Daniel FL 10th
Yea   R   Nugent, Richard FL 11th
Yea   R   Bilirakis, Gus FL 12th
Yea   R   Jolly, David FL 13th
Yea   D   Castor, Kathy FL 14th
Yea   R   Ross, Dennis FL 15th
Nay   R   Buchanan, Vern FL 16th
Nay   R   Rooney, Thomas FL 17th
Yea   D   Murphy, Patrick FL 18th
Yea   R   Clawson, Curt FL 19th
No Vote   D   Hastings, Alcee FL 20th
Nay   D   Deutch, Theodore FL 21st
Nay   D   Frankel, Lois FL 22nd
Nay   D   Wasserman Schultz, Debbie FL 23rd
Yea   D   Wilson, Frederica FL 24th
Yea   R   Diaz-Balart, Mario FL 25th
Yea   R   Curbelo, Carlos FL 26th
Yea   R   Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL 27th
Yea   R   Carter, Buddy GA 1st
Yea   D   Bishop, Sanford GA 2nd
Yea   R   Westmoreland, Lynn GA 3rd
Yea   D   Johnson, Hank GA 4th
Yea   D   Lewis, John GA 5th
Yea   R   Price, Tom GA 6th
Yea   R   Woodall, Rob GA 7th
Yea   R   Scott, Austin GA 8th
Yea   R   Collins, Doug GA 9th
Yea   R   Hice, Jody GA 10th
Yea   R   Loudermilk, Barry GA 11th
Yea   R   Allen, Rick GA 12th
Yea   D   Scott, David GA 13th
Yea   R   Graves, Tom GA 14th
No Vote   D   Takai, Mark HI 1st
Nay   D   Gabbard, Tulsi HI 2nd
Yea   R   Labrador, Raúl ID 1st
Yea   R   Simpson, Mike ID 2nd
Yea   D   Rush, Bobby IL 1st
Yea   D   Kelly, Robin IL 2nd
Yea   D   Lipinski, Daniel IL 3rd
Nay   D   Gutiérrez, Luis IL 4th
Yea   D   Quigley, Mike IL 5th
Yea   R   Roskam, Peter IL 6th
Yea   D   Davis, Danny IL 7th
Yea   D   Duckworth, Tammy IL 8th
Nay   D   Schakowsky, Jan IL 9th
Yea   R   Dold, Bob IL 10th
Yea   D   Foster, Bill IL 11th
Yea   R   Bost, Mike IL 12th
Yea   R   Davis, Rodney IL 13th
Yea   R   Hultgren, Randy IL 14th
Yea   R   Shimkus, John IL 15th
Yea   R   Kinzinger, Adam IL 16th
Vote Party Representative District
Yea   D   Bustos, Cheri IL 17th
Yea   R   LaHood, Darin IL 18th
Yea   D   Visclosky, Peter IN 1st
Yea   R   Walorski, Jackie IN 2nd
Yea   R   Stutzman, Marlin IN 3rd
Yea   R   Rokita, Todd IN 4th
Yea   R   Brooks, Susan IN 5th
Nay   R   Messer, Luke IN 6th
Yea   D   Carson, André IN 7th
Yea   R   Bucshon, Larry IN 8th
Yea   R   Young, Todd IN 9th
Yea   R   Blum, Rod IA 1st
Yea   D   Loebsack, David IA 2nd
Yea   R   Young, David IA 3rd
Yea   R   King, Steve IA 4th
Yea   R   Huelskamp, Tim KS 1st
Yea   R   Jenkins, Lynn KS 2nd
Nay   R   Yoder, Kevin KS 3rd
Yea   R   Pompeo, Mike KS 4th
Yea   R   Whitfield, Ed KY 1st
Yea   R   Guthrie, Brett KY 2nd
Nay   D   Yarmuth, John KY 3rd
Nay   R   Massie, Thomas KY 4th
Yea   R   Rogers, Hal KY 5th
Yea   R   Barr, Andy KY 6th
Nay   R   Scalise, Steve LA 1st
Yea   D   Richmond, Cedric LA 2nd
Yea   R   Boustany, Charles LA 3rd
Yea   R   Fleming, John LA 4th
Yea   R   Abraham, Ralph LA 5th
Yea   R   Graves, Garret LA 6th
Nay   D   Pingree, Chellie ME 1st
Nay   R   Poliquin, Bruce ME 2nd
Yea   R   Harris, Andy MD 1st
Yea   D   Ruppersberger, A. Dutch MD 2nd
Nay   D   Sarbanes, John MD 3rd
Yea   D   Edwards, Donna MD 4th
Yea   D   Hoyer, Steny MD 5th
Yea   D   Delaney, John MD 6th
Nay   D   Cummings, Elijah MD 7th
Nay   D   Van Hollen, Chris MD 8th
Nay   D   Neal, Richard MA 1st
Nay   D   McGovern, Jim MA 2nd
Yea   D   Tsongas, Niki MA 3rd
Yea   D   Kennedy, Joseph MA 4th
Nay   D   Clark, Katherine MA 5th
Yea   D   Moulton, Seth MA 6th
Nay   D   Capuano, Michael MA 7th
Yea   D   Lynch, Stephen MA 8th
Yea   D   Keating, William MA 9th
Yea   R   Benishek, Dan MI 1st
Yea   R   Huizenga, Bill MI 2nd
Nay   R   Amash, Justin MI 3rd
Yea   R   Moolenaar, John MI 4th
Yea   D   Kildee, Daniel MI 5th
Yea   R   Upton, Fred MI 6th
Yea   R   Walberg, Tim MI 7th
Yea   R   Bishop, Mike MI 8th
Nay   D   Levin, Sander MI 9th
Yea   R   Miller, Candice MI 10th
Yea   R   Trott, Dave MI 11th
Yea   D   Dingell, Debbie MI 12th
Nay   D   Conyers, John MI 13th
Yea   D   Lawrence, Brenda MI 14th
Yea   D   Walz, Timothy MN 1st
Yea   R   Kline, John MN 2nd
Yea   R   Paulsen, Erik MN 3rd
Yea   D   McCollum, Betty MN 4th
No Vote   D   Ellison, Keith MN 5th
Yea   R   Emmer, Tom MN 6th
Yea   D   Peterson, Collin MN 7th
Yea   D   Nolan, Richard MN 8th
Yea   R   Kelly, Trent MS 1st
Yea   D   Thompson, Bennie MS 2nd
Yea   R   Harper, Gregg MS 3rd
Yea   R   Palazzo, Steven MS 4th
Yea   D   Clay, Lacy MO 1st
Yea   R   Wagner, Ann MO 2nd
Yea   R   Luetkemeyer, Blaine MO 3rd
Yea   R   Hartzler, Vicky MO 4th
Yea   D   Cleaver, Emanuel MO 5th
Yea   R   Graves, Sam MO 6th
Yea   R   Long, Billy MO 7th
Yea   R   Smith, Jason MO 8th
Yea   R   Zinke, Ryan MT
Yea   R   Fortenberry, Jeff NE 1st
Yea   D   Ashford, Brad NE 2nd
Yea   R   Smith, Adrian NE 3rd
Nay   D   Titus, Dina NV 1st
Yea   R   Amodei, Mark NV 2nd
Nay   R   Heck, Joseph NV 3rd
Yea   R   Hardy, Cresent NV 4th
New Hampshire
Yea   R   Guinta, Frank NH 1st
Nay   D   Kuster, Ann NH 2nd
New Jersey
Yea   D   Norcross, Donald NJ 1st
Yea   R   LoBiondo, Frank NJ 2nd
Yea   R   MacArthur, Tom NJ 3rd
Nay   R   Smith, Chris NJ 4th
Yea   R   Garrett, Scott NJ 5th
Nay   D   Pallone, Frank NJ 6th
Yea   R   Lance, Leonard NJ 7th
Yea   D   Sires, Albio NJ 8th
Yea   D   Pascrell, Bill NJ 9th
Yea   D   Payne, Donald NJ 10th
Yea   R   Frelinghuysen, Rodney NJ 11th
Nay   D   Watson Coleman, Bonnie NJ 12th
New Mexico
Yea   D   Lujan Grisham, Michelle NM 1st
No Vote   R   Pearce, Steve NM 2nd
Nay   D   Luján, Ben NM 3rd
New York
Nay   R   Zeldin, Lee NY 1st
Yea   R   King, Pete NY 2nd
Nay   D   Israel, Steve NY 3rd
Yea   D   Rice, Kathleen NY 4th
Yea   D   Meeks, Gregory NY 5th
Nay   D   Meng, Grace NY 6th
Nay   D   Velázquez, Nydia NY 7th
Yea   D   Jeffries, Hakeem NY 8th
Nay   D   Clarke, Yvette NY 9th
Nay   D   Nadler, Jerrold NY 10th
Yea   R   Donovan, Daniel NY 11th
Nay   D   Maloney, Carolyn NY 12th
Yea   D   Rangel, Charles NY 13th
No Vote   D   Crowley, Joe NY 14th
Nay   D   Serrano, José NY 15th
Yea   D   Engel, Eliot NY 16th
Nay   D   Lowey, Nita NY 17th
Nay   D   Maloney, Sean NY 18th
Nay   R   Gibson, Christopher NY 19th
Nay   D   Tonko, Paul NY 20th
Yea   R   Stefanik, Elise NY 21st
Yea   R   Hanna, Richard NY 22nd
Yea   R   Reed, Tom NY 23rd
Yea   R   Katko, John NY 24th
Nay   D   Slaughter, Louise NY 25th
Nay   D   Higgins, Brian NY 26th
Yea   R   Collins, Chris NY 27th
North Carolina
Yea   D   Butterfield, G.K. NC 1st
Yea   R   Ellmers, Renee NC 2nd
Nay   R   Jones, Walter NC 3rd
Nay   D   Price, David NC 4th
Yea   R   Foxx, Virginia NC 5th
Vote Party Representative District
Yea   R   Walker, Mark NC 6th
Yea   R   Rouzer, David NC 7th
Yea   R   Hudson, Richard NC 8th
Yea   R   Pittenger, Robert NC 9th
Yea   R   McHenry, Patrick NC 10th
Yea   R   Meadows, Mark NC 11th
Yea   D   Adams, Alma NC 12th
Yea   R   Holding, George NC 13th
North Dakota
Yea   R   Cramer, Kevin ND
Yea   R   Chabot, Steve OH 1st
Yea   R   Wenstrup, Brad OH 2nd
Yea   D   Beatty, Joyce OH 3rd
Yea   R   Jordan, Jim OH 4th
Yea   R   Latta, Robert OH 5th
Yea   R   Johnson, Bill OH 6th
Yea   R   Gibbs, Bob OH 7th
Yea   R   Davidson, Warren OH 8th
Yea   D   Kaptur, Marcy OH 9th
Yea   R   Turner, Michael OH 10th
Yea   D   Fudge, Marcia OH 11th
Yea   R   Tiberi, Pat OH 12th
Nay   D   Ryan, Tim OH 13th
Yea   R   Joyce, David OH 14th
Yea   R   Stivers, Steve OH 15th
Yea   R   Renacci, James OH 16th
Nay   R   Bridenstine, Jim OK 1st
Yea   R   Mullin, Markwayne OK 2nd
Yea   R   Lucas, Frank OK 3rd
Yea   R   Cole, Tom OK 4th
Yea   R   Russell, Steve OK 5th
Nay   D   Bonamici, Suzanne OR 1st
Yea   R   Walden, Greg OR 2nd
Nay   D   Blumenauer, Earl OR 3rd
Nay   D   DeFazio, Peter OR 4th
Yea   D   Schrader, Kurt OR 5th
Yea   D   Brady, Robert PA 1st
Yea   R   Kelly, Mike PA 3rd
Yea   R   Perry, Scott PA 4th
Yea   R   Thompson, Glenn PA 5th
Yea   R   Costello, Ryan PA 6th
Yea   R   Meehan, Patrick PA 7th
Yea   R   Fitzpatrick, Michael PA 8th
Yea   R   Shuster, Bill PA 9th
No Vote   R   Marino, Tom PA 10th
Yea   R   Barletta, Lou PA 11th
Yea   R   Rothfus, Keith PA 12th
Yea   D   Boyle, Brendan PA 13th
Yea   D   Doyle, Mike PA 14th
Yea   R   Dent, Charles PA 15th
Yea   R   Pitts, Joseph PA 16th
Yea   D   Cartwright, Matthew PA 17th
Yea   R   Murphy, Tim PA 18th
Rhode Island
Nay   D   Cicilline, David RI 1st
Nay   D   Langevin, Jim RI 2nd
South Carolina
Nay   R   Sanford, Mark SC 1st
Yea   R   Wilson, Joe SC 2nd
Yea   R   Duncan, Jeff SC 3rd
Yea   R   Gowdy, Trey SC 4th
Yea   R   Mulvaney, Mick SC 5th
Yea   D   Clyburn, Jim SC 6th
Yea   R   Rice, Tom SC 7th
South Dakota
Yea   R   Noem, Kristi SD
Yea   R   Roe, Phil TN 1st
Nay   R   Duncan, John TN 2nd
Yea   R   Fleischmann, Chuck TN 3rd
Yea   R   DesJarlais, Scott TN 4th
Yea   D   Cooper, Jim TN 5th
No Vote   R   Black, Diane TN 6th
Nay   R   Blackburn, Marsha TN 7th
Yea   R   Fincher, Stephen TN 8th
Nay   D   Cohen, Steve TN 9th
Yea   R   Gohmert, Louie TX 1st
No Vote   R   Poe, Ted TX 2nd
Yea   R   Johnson, Sam TX 3rd
Yea   R   Ratcliffe, John TX 4th
Nay   R   Hensarling, Jeb TX 5th
Yea   R   Barton, Joe TX 6th
Nay   R   Culberson, John TX 7th
Yea   R   Brady, Kevin TX 8th
Yea   D   Green, Al TX 9th
Yea   R   McCaul, Michael TX 10th
Yea   R   Conaway, Michael TX 11th
Yea   R   Granger, Kay TX 12th
Yea   R   Thornberry, Mac TX 13th
Yea   R   Weber, Randy TX 14th
Yea   D   Hinojosa, Rubén TX 15th
Yea   D   O’Rourke, Beto TX 16th
Yea   R   Flores, Bill TX 17th
Yea   D   Jackson Lee, Sheila TX 18th
Nay   R   Neugebauer, Randy TX 19th
Yea   D   Castro, Joaquin TX 20th
Yea   R   Smith, Lamar TX 21st
Yea   R   Olson, Pete TX 22nd
Yea   R   Hurd, Will TX 23rd
Nay   R   Marchant, Kenny TX 24th
Yea   R   Williams, Roger TX 25th
Nay   R   Burgess, Michael TX 26th
Yea   R   Farenthold, Blake TX 27th
Yea   D   Cuellar, Henry TX 28th
Yea   D   Green, Gene TX 29th
Yea   D   Johnson, Eddie TX 30th
Yea   R   Carter, John TX 31st
Yea   R   Sessions, Pete TX 32nd
Yea   D   Veasey, Marc TX 33rd
Yea   D   Vela, Filemon TX 34th
Yea   D   Doggett, Lloyd TX 35th
Yea   R   Babin, Brian TX 36th
No Vote   R   Bishop, Rob UT 1st
Yea   R   Stewart, Chris UT 2nd
Yea   R   Chaffetz, Jason UT 3rd
Yea   R   Love, Mia UT 4th
Nay   D   Welch, Peter VT
Nay   R   Wittman, Robert VA 1st
Yea   R   Rigell, Scott VA 2nd
Yea   D   Scott, Bobby VA 3rd
Yea   R   Forbes, Randy VA 4th
Yea   R   Hurt, Robert VA 5th
Nay   R   Goodlatte, Bob VA 6th
Nay   R   Brat, Dave VA 7th
Nay   D   Beyer, Donald VA 8th
Yea   R   Griffith, Morgan VA 9th
Yea   R   Comstock, Barbara VA 10th
Yea   D   Connolly, Gerald VA 11th
Yea   D   DelBene, Suzan WA 1st
Nay   D   Larsen, Rick WA 2nd
Yea   R   Herrera Beutler, Jaime WA 3rd
Yea   R   Newhouse, Dan WA 4th
Yea   R   McMorris Rodgers, Cathy WA 5th
Nay   D   Kilmer, Derek WA 6th
Nay   D   McDermott, Jim WA 7th
Yea   R   Reichert, David WA 8th
Nay   D   Smith, Adam WA 9th
Nay   D   Heck, Denny WA 10th
West Virginia
Yea   R   McKinley, David WV 1st
Nay   R   Mooney, Alex WV 2nd
Yea   R   Jenkins, Evan WV 3rd
Nay   D   Pocan, Mark WI 2nd
Yea   D   Kind, Ron WI 3rd
Nay   D   Moore, Gwen WI 4th
Nay   R   Sensenbrenner, James WI 5th
Yea   R   Grothman, Glenn WI 6th
Yea   R   Duffy, Sean WI 7th
Yea   R   Ribble, Reid WI 8th
Yea   R   Lummis, Cynthia WY


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