Here we go again.  The “DARK Act” returns.  We knew this was coming.  It is no surprise that Senator Roberts dropped the “DARK Act” on a Friday night just as the weekend began hoping none of us would notice.  Well, we noticed, and we are ready to stop the “DARK Act” and win!  We already prevailed twice in 2015, and 2016 will be no different.  We are not saying this will be easy.  We are up against the most powerful industries on the planet, but we have seen time and time again that OUR power, the power of the people, is unstoppable.   Please take action below.

The opposition wants to keep us in the DARK about what we are eating and suggests hiding information behind digital curtains is acceptable. The simple solution is clear and conspicuous, mandatory on-package GMO labeling. Every other proposal we’ve seen so far makes consumers play “hide and seek” to find the information they want. What could be simpler than four non-judgmental words on a label? Produced with Genetic Engineering.

The Senate Agricultural Committee is scheduled to review the “DARK Act” on Thursday.  We need to take action every day this week to ensure that the “DARK Act” never sees the light of day.  Please check back daily and join the fight to stop the “DARK Act”.


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Tara Cook-Littman