House Vote Shines Spotlight on Industry Control Over Congress

Today the House of Representatives passed the DARK Act 275-150. Please click HERE to find out how your congressman voted. If they voted NO, be sure to call or e-mail and thank them. If they voted yes, call them and voice your extreme disappointment that they voted to keep you in the DARK about what you are eating.

Unfortunately, we have been here before. A vote didn’t go our way. But, the reality is, every single time we lose a vote, we are actually winning.  We will persevere and be stronger than ever. The DARK ACT passing the House shines a big, bright light on our opposition and the lengths they will go to to keep us in the DARK about what we are eating. This bright light on who controls our government and who our elected officials are actually representing will galvanize the grassroots. We did not lose today. We gained strength and momentum and now more people will be shaken from their complacency to stand and fight with us.

We now have an opportunity to make sure our Senators do the right thing and to keep them accountable to us, the citizens who elected them to office. We will be following up with specific actions you can all be taking. Please sign up for action alerts on our home page to stay connected.

To all the grassroots organizers out there: do not give up fighting for labeling at the state level. If we do that, we give in to them and give up our power. We are building power at the state level as we move toward a federal solution. But without our work at the state level, we have no chance of winning at the federal level. Our work matters. We are the people of this country. National organizations can not win this for us. Only we the people can.

The DARK Act is not a symptom of our weakness but rather our strength. Because of our success at the state level, with three states passing laws, others on the brink of passing and all of our grass roots groups gaining momentum and strength every day, they are in a place of weakness and fear. They had to try and stop us in our tracks, but we already know we are unstoppable.  Our collective voice will win out over their dollars and deceptions.

About the Author
Tara Cook-Littman