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With possible action on the DARK Act looming in the US Senate, we need our friends in the US Congress to stand and be counted. CT Senator Richard Blumenthal won the hearts of advocates throughout the country when he proclaimed, “Consumers deserve and need to have this basic information which is why we will drive a stake through the heart of the DARK Act. The DARK act is dead on arrival in the Senate as far as I am concerned.”

The Senator listened to his constituents and is representing our interests rather than supporting the industry wishIMG_5837 list that is the DARK Act. We need you to contact your US Senators NOW and urge them to stand with Senator Blumenthal on this issue. We cannot allow corporate interests to trump our right to know any longer. The opposition to GMO labeling has extremely deep pockets, but we have the power of the people. Take action by CLICKING HERE.

Please take a moment to watch Senator Blumenthal’s video by CLICKING HERE and hear how important YOU are to taking back our food, our government and our children’s future. If we do not use our voices, then we are giving away our power. We are the ones who will make the difference. Let’s amplify our collective voice and reach out to our Senators today.

CLICK HERE to send your Senator a letter asking him to stand with Senator Blumenthal in strong opposition to the DARK Act. Please personalize your letter as much as possible. Personal letters, as opposed to form letters have a much greater impact on our elected officials. Thank you for taking action today!

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Tara Cook-Littman