Critical decisions are being made at the White House everyday.  That is why we must call President Obama and make sure he hears from all of us.  Urge the White House to reject any attempts to slip a “DARK Act” policy rider into the Omnibus spending bill. The President is the Chief Executive of this country and ultimately all decisions rest on his shoulders.  Let’s make sure the White House is making the right decisions for the people of this country.

Please take a minute to call and leave a message for the President:

Please ask President Obama to reject any “Dark Act” policy riders in the omnibus government spending bill.  Americans deserve and need to know what is in the food we are feeding ourselves and our families.  We want a strong, mandatory, on package GMO labeling law.  This attempt to sneak state preemption into a federal budget bill is undemocratic and unfair to families who simply want a transparent food system.

During President Obama’s first campaign for Presidency in 2008, he told Americans he believes we have a right to know what is in our food.  Unfortunately, here we are at the end of his eight years in office and Americans are still shopping and eating blind.  While it appears the White House will not mandate GMO labeling anytime soon, it is critical that we continue letting our voice be heard.   Thank you for taking action today!
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Tara Cook-Littman