In a last desperate attempt to keep Americans in the DARK about what we are eating, the biotech industry and the Grocery Manufacturers Association have convinced some of our elected officials to sneak a “DARK Act” rider into a must-pass government spending bill before the New Year that would pre-empt state efforts to label GMOs and also block mandatory labeling at the federal level.

Please call your United States Representative today!  Dial (202)224-3121 and ask for your US Representative. If you are not sure who your Representative is CLICK HERE. Please state the following:

“I am calling to urge you to stand in strong opposition to any “DARK Act” policy rider that may be slipped into the omnibus government spending bill. Americans deserve and need to know what is in the food we are feeding ourselves and our families.  We want a strong, mandatory, on package GMO labeling law.”

Every single phone call counts.  Please don’t assume others are making the calls for you.  Let your voice be heard!  This is a critical time for our movement to label GMOs.  With the approval of genetically engineered salmon - the first ever genetically engineered animal - labeling is more important than ever.  Please call your US Representative and share this alert with all your friends and contacts.

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Tara Cook-Littman