Sound the Alarm!
Call Mitch McConnell today; or Democracy slips away.

With Vermont’s GMO labeling law about to implement in July, the industry is in an all out panic and is doing everything they possibly can to stop the law from moving forward.

On Tuesday March 1st, the Senate Agriculture Committee passed an industry wish list bill, S2609, that would do the following:

(1) preempt the VT, CT, and ME GMO labeling laws;

(2) codify a voluntary labeling standard, set up by the USDA, so that mandatory labeling will never happen at the state or federal level and

(3) create a program, set up by the USDA, using US tax payer dollars to educate the public about GMOs, using industry slanted propaganda

We have been informed that S2609 will be taken to the floor NEXT WEEK for a vote. If this “DARK Act” passes everything we hold true in our minds and hearts for a transparent food system, will be wiped out and we will likely never know whether there are GMOs in our food. We must pick up the phone and call US Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. We need to light up the phones, generate thousands of emails and unleash the power of the grassroots each and every day until they call the bill or give up.

Call Senator Mitch McConnell at (202) 224-2541.  His lines are jammed so if you can’t get through please send him an  e-mail by CLICKING HERE.  Please state the following: “Senator McConnell, I am calling to ask you to reject Senator Roberts’ bill, S. 2609, the “DARK Act”. Do not bring this bill to the floor.   Please stand with the American people and reject any attempts to preempt states’ rights and keep us in the DARK about what we are eating.” 

This is truly a story of David vs Goliath. The most powerful industries on the planet (junk food and biotech) are joined together to stop the will of the people.  Over 90% of Americans want GMOs labeled, every poll shows the same numbers.  What the federal government is doing right now is an attack on democracy not just because they are about to pass a law that puts industry interests over personal rights, but also because state preemption does NOT happen without a strong federal standard in its’ place.  This is unprecedented.  Republicans who claim to value states’ rights only do so until states’ rights conflict with industry interests.

This is an affront to the democratic process. Let us take this message to all our friends, family, colleagues, community leaders and networks and tell them if there was ever a time to take action, that time is NOW.


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Tara Cook-Littman