winona la duke

Cover Photography by Ellie Kingsbury

What do you imagine when you think of Hawai’i? A beautiful, magical paradise lush with a bounty of flora and fauna? THE best vacation destination you can imagine and definitely on your bucket list? Surfer’s heaven? Exotic floral aromas wafting on the evening air, made even more enticing by the strains of island music? A place where you can almost reach out and touch the stars?  The 50th star on the U.S. flag? Well, you’re mostly right.

In the late 1800’s the Kingdom of Hawai’i was an advanced sovereign nation which traded freely all around the globe, had treaties with 20 nations and even had electric lights in their Capitol building. But then in 1893 white American sugar growers with the unauthorized assistance of the United States military overthrew the government and established a provisional government. Two years later, Queen Liliuokalana was forced by the provisional government to abdicate her throne, and with no regard for the dignity of Hawai’i’s indigenous people or for their tribal government, the U.S. began their illegitimate and illegal occupation of . . . well, a pretty nice piece of real estate.

Yep, prime real estate, 3-4 growing seasons, far afield from other agricultural areas; quite a perfect place for Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow et al to set up their own private laboratories for pesticide promoting GE crops. These chemical giants have turned a paradise into GMO Ground Zero, an occupied territory; spraying their poisons year-round on farm workers, schoolchildren, moms and dads, creating yet another laboratory - of human suffering.

Thankfully there is awareness, understanding and fire in the bellies of the people and groups who are working to reclaim the soul of the land. One is a growing group of solution oriented, passionate, & dedicated women who are leading their communities towards food sovereignty and a better future. That group is Babes Against Biotech (BAB) and is directed by Nomi Carmona. In 2015, thanks to BAB Creative Director Lauryn Rego and graphic designer Erik Kowalski, BAB embarked on an awesome project - the Babes Against Biotech Calendar, filled with inspiring farmers, community leaders and business owners who work toward food freedom for all in Hawai’i. And for 2016 they took it to the mainland, filling the months of the year with role models from Hawaii, Oregon, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida and Minnesota. They are Ranchers, Activists, Film makers, Attorneys, College Professors, Mothers, Daughters, and even sons. Especially exciting is the inimitable Winona LaDuke as the cover role model. How apropos to feature this stellar woman who has devoted her life to protecting the earth, indigenous rights and tribal spirit.

So get ready for ‪#‎BABacrossAmerica and order your copy today. As you explore each month, prepare to be inspired by the amazing leaders who are working for a future of food justice and safety. I think we’ll realize that we are all kindred spirits working together for sisters, brothers and future generations who are near and far.
By purchasing a copy of the calendar you are directly supporting this non profit organization with their efforts to put an end to these crimes against humanity and Mother Earth. Mahalo for supporting social and environmental justice!



Wishing you all Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)!

Written by Barbara Thomas
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