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  • I support Citizens for GMO Labeling’s crucial work because they are setting up and driving state level legislative victories. Working in states around the country, they maximize the impact of strong grassroots support by combining it with professional organizing, lobbying, and public relations. Their work is key to our movement’s success.

    David BronnerCEO, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
  • If Americans are to get real transparency with GMO Labeling, Citizens for GMO Labeling will deserve a great deal of credit. Bringing activists the professional resources they so dearly need will serve to amplify our message so legislators hear it loud and clear.

    Bill WeilandCEO, Presence Marketing

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News from the DC

A bill backed by the industry front group, The the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food, is under consideration by the US Congress.  The DARK Act  (Deny Americans the Right to Know Act) would block states from requiring GE labels and let foods with GE ingredients be labeled as “natural.” We need you right now to tell Congress to oppose the DARK Act.

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